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時間的流逝 牽引著心中的無奈 留下一條細細的痕跡 一條幾乎隱形確揮之不去的痕跡 深深的烙印在心裡的每個角落      


Somethings loop— like the numbers that make up a year one to three hundred and sixty five the days and months and year looping while civilisation hangs on a thread but eternity is unnatural, a human construct a longing  

Pixel Love

This sadness is a dot in our lives As a pixel would be in an image Nothing but a mere passing, of a point in our long life   A moment we might recall in years to come But we live in the moment And a moment can be amplified Engulfing our very selves   […]

I stopped time

I stopped time, so that our love can be eternal,   I stopped time, so that we could continue from where we left,   I stopped time, because it hurts too much to move on without you.   I stopped time, not knowing when it will start once more.   I stopped.

The Dance

Time invited me for a dance to an awkward tune Our feets unsynced stacking on one other as we attempted to dance The beats struggle My heart fluttered I wonder if we’ll actually dance Will it get better? Will it get better? Over time and over you   Note : Will time heal? Heal you? Heal me? Will it? […]

Slowly but Surely

Just like that bit by bit Slowly but surely   You erase evidences of a past we once shared   You bid your time I bid mine   Each to destinations of opposite ends   Slowly but Surely you leave me behind Fading into obscurity  

Time and Space

If time and space Is what you need I will give it to you   The space between Second to second Minute to minute Hour to hour   Each gap widening as seconds turn to minute And minutes turn to hour   And at the end of it all You will come back To the […]