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我好想你 在每一天的一天當中 無時無刻都在思念著你 雖然 你都沒在想我吧 又或者是在思念和迷茫之間 徘徊著 但我真的好想你 想看著你說話的樣子 想看著妳吃東西幸福的樣子 想看你開我玩笑的樣子 但畢竟這只是我的一廂情願 現實總是把我推的遠遠的 我只能活在想你的空間裡

This Morning

Today I woke up early as usual And as my consciousness started taking over from the subconscious I started thinking of you   As I checked our chat window out of habit, an unbearable wave of  sadness surged through my body And I started crying cause… I realised it was just me talking now…..