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When you feel nothing at all

And here I am shouting, to you with all my heart and soul with tears accumulating at the corners My voice, it trembles to the core of my soul But the distance between us remains the same And you turn and walk away

This Morning

Today I woke up early as usual And as my consciousness started taking over from the subconscious I started thinking of you   As I checked our chat window out of habit, an unbearable wave of  sadness surged through my body And I started crying cause… I realised it was just me talking now…..

One of those days

Today is one of those days When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed When everything feels  worthless When you feel like you will never be with the one you love Greyness is all that engulfs you Yet you walk around stoically, as if nothing matters But a raging sense of hopelessness is […]


I cry uncontrollably at the thought that we will never be   I cry uncontrollably at the love we once had and the days we shared   I cry uncontrollably at the irreversible damage that i’ve done