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The words you said

  They still ring in my head the words you said it resonates through my body like sound waves do   The words you said I collect them in my head copying and pasting snippets from sentences that my subconsciousness deemed interesting enough Sometimes I question why, the selection wouldn’t have made it past my […]

Sound wave

I traverse within the realms of -1 and 1   At times slow and at times fast, in a matter of microseconds   Crossing the borders that separates heaven and hell sorrow and happiness and the calm nothingness   All just so that I can reach you With the words that make up  “I love you”

Let me hear you

Door Open Door Close   Feets Shuffling Whispering words   The unseen informed by the sound of the door responds with their little sounds   But really, all I want is to hear you behind this great unknown   Door Open Door Close