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You are not perfect

You are not perfect The world is full of hotter, prettier, cuter others   But your eyes smile — so gently, when they look at mine   Some days, they sing a sad tune, when our eyes meet, after sharing stories untold   And your smile shines on me like midnight’s sun, unraveling the darkness […]

How are you?

  How are you?  I find myself asking yet again, not out of habit, but because it is a question that never gets replied   And each night, I find myself wondering, if you are still in pain I know you must be, surely your pain runs deeper than mine   I cannot bring myself […]

Your smiling Face

I dreamt of your smiling face in the days where we were free from worries and pain   I would often bathe in your radiant smile and wonder if there is anything in this world that is more worthy   Now that i have lost that light I will spend my life trying to see […]