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Missed Calls

Missed calls after an eternity of absence Were you drunk and let your guard down?   I will never know as that moment silently crept passed me while I was asleep from crying out for you   For now I will be content to know that you missed me enough to call and I was […]

Lazy Sunday

It’s a lazy sunday where eyes open naturally, without the aid of clocks screaming, where it’s ok to roll around for that little more The only thing that is missing though, is waking up with you next to me, sleeping quietly and sweetly   The thing I love about you—when you sleep, is that lovely […]

Diurnal Cycles

I wake and sleep with you In my heart and mind   The dawn and the dusk both fearsome in that you would seep back into me   Or perhaps you never left and never will   When night falls and my world is reduced to the boundaries of my bed   I call out […]