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Love Motion

It comes and goes like a spoilt brat whose only decision making mechanism is its spontaneity I can never tame it In fact, I can only watch as it ran away for the last time If only it listened Where did it go and will i see its sweet return? I will never know This […]

What I would give

I would give my life for a final moment with you like the day we first locked lips and sealed a moment in time   Just like the blooming of the Epiphyllum whose life was meant for that moment The beginning and the end of beauty forever etched in time and space  


  I learnt that to let go of someone is the first step to possibly allow love to happen again.   Such is the paradox, that giving into  our biggest fear could be the key to happiness.

A kiss 

We had the sweetest kiss And I smiled for the first time in months Only to wake up to the harsh reality   Though for a fleeting moment, I believed it was real and it was divine

I lie

Believing that maybe it is ok to let us fade into oblivion I thought to myself that it hurts less now, probably But I lie to myself and I know almost too obviously that it would not be   You will be that eternal fragment of regret, lodging itself in the deep recess of my […]

I give you my heart

I give you my heart in its entirety, soul included, naked, defenseless, honest, sincere It is surely vulnerable   Yes Over the years, i’ve hurt and learnt my heart, with layers upon layers of dark carbon protecting it, forming a hard shell of formidable hardness   But We forget that carbon, in its high density […]

One of those days

Today is one of those days When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed When everything feels  worthless When you feel like you will never be with the one you love Greyness is all that engulfs you Yet you walk around stoically, as if nothing matters But a raging sense of hopelessness is […]

Eternity is a Variable

I used to think that eternity is a constant   Three days used to be an eternity of days without you   But eternity is not to be bounded by the likes of us   And I wish to never know the meaning of true eternity   For that means an eternity without you  

Press Enter

Typing to you in the chat window has become a habit of mine Words of care and love and of doubts and longing filling the typing panel   I would do this everyday as i see your status in green And wondering what you are doing behind the screen   Now the problem is that i don’t always […]

A million times

  If I called out to you a million times Would you turn to look at me once? The distance between us grows As I try to call your name a million times A million times, a million steps Each step a stab in my heart Each time a piece of me gone I wonder […]