Tag: sadness

Waking up

I’ve gotten used to waking up in the morning just to deal with the pain of trying to accept this wretched reality At first it’s just my body feeling it, it knows, without my consciousness informing it   Then it seeps in like a tank of reservoir, which at long last finds a hole to […]

The Last Goodbye

I can turn and walk away, or I can wait at a distance, till you and I are both ready, to say our last goodbyes   But the last time always becomes the last before the last and the end never ends


When   beauty    lies in    broken      pieces and  art   comes    in     putting      it       back Better           amalgamation transcends   original the broken  cups    and the  broken   bowls put together with tender love and a       golden joint that       breathes life once broken now anew What of t h i ngs t oo b r o […]

I stopped time

I stopped time, so that our love can be eternal,   I stopped time, so that we could continue from where we left,   I stopped time, because it hurts too much to move on without you.   I stopped time, not knowing when it will start once more.   I stopped.

Haiku(s) for you

I wonder if you knew that we are both sleeping on a bed of thorns What are you doing? My love, as I stared at you In my mind once more Will you remember? All the good and not the bad When the storm is over All words stems from you And all poems go to […]

The last of you

The last of you I will never forget   The last of you beautiful, but non-existent or was it I who didn’t   I watched as you killed the last of me gently, tenderly,   erasing my presence with the last of words as I watched   I could only watch as I felt the […]


“You always go for haunting voices”, she said I took a moment, and replied “That’s because it resonates with the ghosts that haunts me”   These songs reminds me that I am alive, because it gives me pain, and these ghosts are still around because I am not yet dead   It’s a paradoxical matter […]