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I want somebody

You asked me once, What I want in a partner I probably fumbled on that,  Nervously answering while  desperately trying to impress you I’ve been thinking and they’ve been Nothing but simple, no matter how  many times I iterate my thoughts I want somebody I can call, when life seems a tad too unfriendly, and […]


Someday you might realise Upon deeds after deeds you achieve And finally find your “self” amongst this great spiral of others   That someone who loves you unconditionally Who places you before himself, time included, time, after time   is all you need, at the end of the day, till the end of days   But before […]

One of those days

Today is one of those days When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed When everything feels  worthless When you feel like you will never be with the one you love Greyness is all that engulfs you Yet you walk around stoically, as if nothing matters But a raging sense of hopelessness is […]

Eternity is a Variable

I used to think that eternity is a constant   Three days used to be an eternity of days without you   But eternity is not to be bounded by the likes of us   And I wish to never know the meaning of true eternity   For that means an eternity without you  

Multiplications of Ten

I used to think that eternity is a grand three days of not having you around But eternity multiplied by ten since it happened and you were gone The pain and longing too multiplied by ten Unbearable but I must for you are all I want

Press Enter

Typing to you in the chat window has become a habit of mine Words of care and love and of doubts and longing filling the typing panel   I would do this everyday as i see your status in green And wondering what you are doing behind the screen   Now the problem is that i don’t always […]

Time and Space

If time and space Is what you need I will give it to you   The space between Second to second Minute to minute Hour to hour   Each gap widening as seconds turn to minute And minutes turn to hour   And at the end of it all You will come back To the […]


Yours words Or the lack of words pierces through my heart like the icicles in winter   Words of frustration and of blame that divorced the summer warmth   And words of me removed, where care and concern was once abundant


I cry uncontrollably at the thought that we will never be   I cry uncontrollably at the love we once had and the days we shared   I cry uncontrollably at the irreversible damage that i’ve done