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When Night Falls

When night falls The walls of defenses weakens and vulnerability sets in The world is reduced to the boundaries  Of my bed, your presence grows  Each night you conquer the fortress I trued so hard to defend But I know it is all for naught

Pain and emptiness

Whoever said that emptiness would be Unfeeling and numb? The truth is that the numb is just a self defense mechanism to mask the intense pain behind it. You see, our hearts are containers to pain lying dormant, but invisible when it feels empty. But it is real, and at times when the numb fails, […]

I lie

Believing that maybe it is ok to let us fade into oblivion I thought to myself that it hurts less now, probably But I lie to myself and I know almost too obviously that it would not be   You will be that eternal fragment of regret, lodging itself in the deep recess of my […]


You are the particles embedded within the fringes of my soul. Try as I might, I will never be able to forget you, or will it. You occupy every emotional spectrum that my memories hold. The pain, the grief, the happiness, the frustrations, the exhilaration and the deep undertones that I don’t quite comprehend I will […]


You know It felt better when I was sick The pain, the longing and this tight feeling in my chest The heart that aches every now and then They stopped   My body knows that priority had to be given to healing and not for sorrow So it decided to stop administering drugs for sadness   […]

Your smiling Face

I dreamt of your smiling face in the days where we were free from worries and pain   I would often bathe in your radiant smile and wonder if there is anything in this world that is more worthy   Now that i have lost that light I will spend my life trying to see […]

Eternity is a Variable

I used to think that eternity is a constant   Three days used to be an eternity of days without you   But eternity is not to be bounded by the likes of us   And I wish to never know the meaning of true eternity   For that means an eternity without you  

Multiplications of Ten

I used to think that eternity is a grand three days of not having you around But eternity multiplied by ten since it happened and you were gone The pain and longing too multiplied by ten Unbearable but I must for you are all I want