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42 folds to reach you

I wrote a letter to let you know how the year went by and the events that unfolded, leading me back to you   You are far away, amongst the stars and eternal nights Beautiful and pure You tend to hide, with one side in the dark but alas, we see you still   I wish […]


The moon, like you, Is far away from me, but it’s Our sole memento: If you look and recall our past Through it, we can be one mind. – Saigyo

Wide eyed

Our eyes met never mind the fact that the moon have no eyes, so to speak   Yet I know we were staring into each other and at least I was lost in its eyes, wide eyed tracing the depths of its sorrow and beauty, and all the unspeakable pasts endured thus far   I […]


Are you in pain? With all the holes and craters Embedded in your Body   You look perfect As we have always known you And we forget that which shaped you The way you are   We forget That you might still hurt Are you ok? My dear moon

People come and go but you stayed

I wish the title was true in a literal sense, but you are gone, at least physically   People come and go taking bits and pieces but no matter   You came and you left as others did but you broke into a million shards inside me It is impossible to come unstuck   It […]

The Moon and Us

The moonlight shines a light of time long past and the light falls on a love no more I gazed at you, where you had sat but you are no longer there Would it have made a difference if the moonlight fell on me? Would you see me in a different light? If we were never there on […]


月圓月缺 心碎心缺 曲終人散   Translation : The moon waxes and wanes The heart breaks and chips The last song the last dance (probably not the best translation)