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Wide eyed

Our eyes met never mind the fact that the moon have no eyes, so to speak   Yet I know we were staring into each other and at least I was lost in its eyes, wide eyed tracing the depths of its sorrow and beauty, and all the unspeakable pasts endured thus far   I […]

This thing

This unshakable feeling This thing Feasting upon my heart, my soul This thing  That I know of but can’t purge This thing  Called love(d)


You are everything and everything is you   The streets, the couple’s loving gaze, delicious food, new possibilities, old memories, the music that never ends, the smell that refuses to go away from my bed, the night, my dreams, the moon, the bus, my guitar, your songs, the whiskey we last drank, my face, you kissed, my […]

The words you said

  They still ring in my head the words you said it resonates through my body like sound waves do   The words you said I collect them in my head copying and pasting snippets from sentences that my subconsciousness deemed interesting enough Sometimes I question why, the selection wouldn’t have made it past my […]

S p a ce ex p a n d s

  S p a c e   e x p a n d s That is the universal rule Just as the big bang is still happen i n g and the universe is still expanding Perhaps the space between You and I are meant to expand for eternity Just as the words I   […]

The Tattoo

In each stroke a memory lies The needle pokes The pain reigns And I recall snippets of us Now gone   I relished in the pain for I lived in that moment Pain and love has come to be my best friends   The last stroke The last dance The love now sealed In eternity

I live alone in our memories

We used to live in the same memories I just know it, and when I recall them, I relive the memories, knowing that you and I lived in it, that you remember it as vividly as I do, with the love between now and then as the connection between past and present   But you left […]