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You are everything and everything is you   The streets, the couple’s loving gaze, delicious food, new possibilities, old memories, the music that never ends, the smell that refuses to go away from my bed, the night, my dreams, the moon, the bus, my guitar, your songs, the whiskey we last drank, my face, you kissed, my […]

I miss you

And I miss you these words are perhaps one of the most profound combination ever, along with the ranks of i love you But for today, I miss you   I miss you not knowing why, or how No, surely I know why, but articulation has lost its meaning and clarity has lost its bearings […]

You gave it back to me

You gave me back my clothes along with the love that I gave You had to do it yourself so that it will end and the full stop will come to be   Well, at least for you What about me? I have no choice but to return yours too But not your love my dear Never   […]

Lazy Sunday

It’s a lazy sunday where eyes open naturally, without the aid of clocks screaming, where it’s ok to roll around for that little more The only thing that is missing though, is waking up with you next to me, sleeping quietly and sweetly   The thing I love about you—when you sleep, is that lovely […]

The words you said

  They still ring in my head the words you said it resonates through my body like sound waves do   The words you said I collect them in my head copying and pasting snippets from sentences that my subconsciousness deemed interesting enough Sometimes I question why, the selection wouldn’t have made it past my […]

How are you?

  How are you?  I find myself asking yet again, not out of habit, but because it is a question that never gets replied   And each night, I find myself wondering, if you are still in pain I know you must be, surely your pain runs deeper than mine   I cannot bring myself […]

The Last Goodbye

I can turn and walk away, or I can wait at a distance, till you and I are both ready, to say our last goodbyes   But the last time always becomes the last before the last and the end never ends


When   beauty    lies in    broken      pieces and  art   comes    in     putting      it       back Better           amalgamation transcends   original the broken  cups    and the  broken   bowls put together with tender love and a       golden joint that       breathes life once broken now anew What of t h i ngs t oo b r o […]

I stopped time

I stopped time, so that our love can be eternal,   I stopped time, so that we could continue from where we left,   I stopped time, because it hurts too much to move on without you.   I stopped time, not knowing when it will start once more.   I stopped.