Tag: longing

I thought I would be ok

I thought I would be ok As I typed in our chat window Once so intimate, now distant But as seconds ticked away The pain slowly found its way in my heart And the seconds filled my heart Non reply became her reply

I had a bizarre dream

I had a bizarre dream of you It wasn’t even you, but it had to be you I loved you in the dream, the same love in reality, even though you, were nothing like you You were a baby, you were a middle school kid You were constantly lost, Or rather I kept losing sight […]

Pain and emptiness

Whoever said that emptiness would be Unfeeling and numb? The truth is that the numb is just a self defense mechanism to mask the intense pain behind it. You see, our hearts are containers to pain lying dormant, but invisible when it feels empty. But it is real, and at times when the numb fails, […]

Language of Love

My days spent in waste And darkness fills my voidness But I hate you not     For love is the only way that I know of to reach you

I lie

Believing that maybe it is ok to let us fade into oblivion I thought to myself that it hurts less now, probably But I lie to myself and I know almost too obviously that it would not be   You will be that eternal fragment of regret, lodging itself in the deep recess of my […]

Dreams I

You called in the middle of the night Three am sharp, a screen so familiar yet not flashing in the darkness of the night I jumped up to reach for my phone   but it is four thirty in the morning


Is it true that two emotionally close people are linked by telepathy? When one can’t stop thinking of the other, the same goes for the other? Well, I can’t stop thinking of you and I’m losing sleep. My chest in knots and fluttering. The question is, are you still close to me? Or are you […]


In time forgotten I sat in the stillness of a shadow casted from the world’s end where she chased the setting sun endlessly

Let me hear you

Door Open Door Close   Feets Shuffling Whispering words   The unseen informed by the sound of the door responds with their little sounds   But really, all I want is to hear you behind this great unknown   Door Open Door Close