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Perhaps in place of you I’ve found the guitar, not the same, not as lovely but it’s the only thing i love now each sustained note i pluck, a sustained cry out for you It’s lovely curve a substitute for the warmth of your body, I hug in place of you—and gently caress its strings, […]

I thought I would be ok

I thought I would be ok As I typed in our chat window Once so intimate, now distant But as seconds ticked away The pain slowly found its way in my heart And the seconds filled my heart Non reply became her reply

Algorithm for Heart Break

1. Vomit text, as much as you can. Poems, thoughts, curses, heartbreaking nonsense, whatever. 2. Write a song based on the impressive selection of text. 3. Sing the heart breaking song 4. If you feel better, stop. Else go back to 1.  

I know it’s over

    I know it’s over but still I cling I don’t know where else I can go Over…and over….   – The smiths, covered by Jeff Buckley   I’ve been looping this song over and over Each time slicing into my heart reminding me that it’s over reminding that i have no one to return […]

Stages of a broken heart

I. Thrust violently in the sea I thrashed around blindly Searching for a beacon of light to what is happening Confused and scared I continue hoping to rise up to the surface   II. Exhausted I wonder if this is it if this is the last and go into a state of panic thinking of all that i’ve […]