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“You always go for haunting voices”, she said I took a moment, and replied “That’s because it resonates with the ghosts that haunts me”   These songs reminds me that I am alive, because it gives me pain, and these ghosts are still around because I am not yet dead   It’s a paradoxical matter […]

The Dance

Time invited me for a dance to an awkward tune Our feets unsynced stacking on one other as we attempted to dance The beats struggle My heart fluttered I wonder if we’ll actually dance Will it get better? Will it get better? Over time and over you   Note : Will time heal? Heal you? Heal me? Will it? […]

When you feel nothing at all

And here I am shouting, to you with all my heart and soul with tears accumulating at the corners My voice, it trembles to the core of my soul But the distance between us remains the same And you turn and walk away

I give you my heart

I give you my heart in its entirety, soul included, naked, defenseless, honest, sincere It is surely vulnerable   Yes Over the years, i’ve hurt and learnt my heart, with layers upon layers of dark carbon protecting it, forming a hard shell of formidable hardness   But We forget that carbon, in its high density […]