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Love is a cancerous cell

I still miss you Is it going to heal Would writing nonstop and annoying all these people help to forget you, to forget the pain, to forget the love No it wouldn’t, for love is ingrained in our DNA it doesn’t matter how much time has passed they lay dormant like cancer cells, waiting for […]


I guess there are many lonely and sad souls out here writing. People whom I follow and read, as an after thought, are all hurt and lonely in some ways. After all, we are all attracted to one another,across lands and cultures, in an attempt to heal ourselves collectively. 


You know It felt better when I was sick The pain, the longing and this tight feeling in my chest The heart that aches every now and then They stopped   My body knows that priority had to be given to healing and not for sorrow So it decided to stop administering drugs for sadness   […]