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Somethings loop— like the numbers that make up a year one to three hundred and sixty five the days and months and year looping while civilisation hangs on a thread but eternity is unnatural, a human construct a longing  

You are not perfect

You are not perfect The world is full of hotter, prettier, cuter others   But your eyes smile — so gently, when they look at mine   Some days, they sing a sad tune, when our eyes meet, after sharing stories untold   And your smile shines on me like midnight’s sun, unraveling the darkness […]

Missed Calls

Missed calls after an eternity of absence Were you drunk and let your guard down?   I will never know as that moment silently crept passed me while I was asleep from crying out for you   For now I will be content to know that you missed me enough to call and I was […]

The Tattoo

In each stroke a memory lies The needle pokes The pain reigns And I recall snippets of us Now gone   I relished in the pain for I lived in that moment Pain and love has come to be my best friends   The last stroke The last dance The love now sealed In eternity

And so it is

With a letter scribbled on the spot Without even talking, even though you were right in front of me You closed this door that I so desperately tried to keep open   This letter, the last letter i will ever get from you with that few lines, ending what will still last for eternity It […]

Eternity is a Variable

I used to think that eternity is a constant   Three days used to be an eternity of days without you   But eternity is not to be bounded by the likes of us   And I wish to never know the meaning of true eternity   For that means an eternity without you  

Multiplications of Ten

I used to think that eternity is a grand three days of not having you around But eternity multiplied by ten since it happened and you were gone The pain and longing too multiplied by ten Unbearable but I must for you are all I want