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42 folds to reach you

I wrote a letter to let you know how the year went by and the events that unfolded, leading me back to you   You are far away, amongst the stars and eternal nights Beautiful and pure You tend to hide, with one side in the dark but alas, we see you still   I wish […]

I stopped time

I stopped time, so that our love can be eternal,   I stopped time, so that we could continue from where we left,   I stopped time, because it hurts too much to move on without you.   I stopped time, not knowing when it will start once more.   I stopped.

The last of you

The last of you I will never forget   The last of you beautiful, but non-existent or was it I who didn’t   I watched as you killed the last of me gently, tenderly,   erasing my presence with the last of words as I watched   I could only watch as I felt the […]