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Your Screen

I type and I untype when you appear green   I wonder what’s up Are you talking to someone Or surfing randomly The wild imagination   When you go offline I lament at the lack of your presence A digital one is better than none after all   Oh what I would give to be in your […]

This Morning

Today I woke up early as usual And as my consciousness started taking over from the subconscious I started thinking of you   As I checked our chat window out of habit, an unbearable wave of  sadness surged through my body And I started crying cause… I realised it was just me talking now…..

Press Enter

Typing to you in the chat window has become a habit of mine Words of care and love and of doubts and longing filling the typing panel   I would do this everyday as i see your status in green And wondering what you are doing behind the screen   Now the problem is that i don’t always […]