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People come and go but you stayed

I wish the title was true in a literal sense, but you are gone, at least physically   People come and go taking bits and pieces but no matter   You came and you left as others did but you broke into a million shards inside me It is impossible to come unstuck   It […]


Amalgamation transcends original the broken cups and the broken bowls put together with tender love and a golden joint that breathes life once broken now anew   What of things too broken to be pieced back part by part do we now find the beauty in the broken as aesthetic   Perhaps we have to declare the death of […]


When   beauty    lies in    broken      pieces and  art   comes    in     putting      it       back Better           amalgamation transcends   original the broken  cups    and the  broken   bowls put together with tender love and a       golden joint that       breathes life once broken now anew What of t h i ngs t oo b r o […]

The Great Wall

I know you are there Behind this great wall with no door beyond   So near the sweet smell beckons But with no means of entry I run, with full speed crashing at the wall In desperation   Bloodied and broken Still gazing beyond the wall I braced myself for one last run

When you feel nothing at all

And here I am shouting, to you with all my heart and soul with tears accumulating at the corners My voice, it trembles to the core of my soul But the distance between us remains the same And you turn and walk away

How Much More?

How much more can I take Before I collapse into a thousand shards of ice And how much more can I take before I lose my solid form and into a puddle of water How much more can I take before I evaporate as water vapours? And maybe that’s not so bad, for it could be […]