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Beautifully sad

Why do we often find beauty in sadness? Do we find humanity amid all the pain and suffering? Does it remind us that we feel, that we are mere mortals with flesh and blood? Perhaps it is a way of saying that “hey it’s ok”, we don’t have to be strong all the time.


When   beauty    lies in    broken      pieces and  art   comes    in     putting      it       back Better           amalgamation transcends   original the broken  cups    and the  broken   bowls put together with tender love and a       golden joint that       breathes life once broken now anew What of t h i ngs t oo b r o […]

What I would give

I would give my life for a final moment with you like the day we first locked lips and sealed a moment in time   Just like the blooming of the Epiphyllum whose life was meant for that moment The beginning and the end of beauty forever etched in time and space