My body is free but crippled


entrapped in your absence,

my mind retreated,

homeless, my heart wandered

searching for the way back

with no way in sight


like a cripple



Each morning is a new reality

The light seeps in through my eyelids 

but what should have been a renewed blesssing is accompanied by a renewed reality

And each reality comes with the fact that you are no longer beside me

This thing

This unshakable feeling

This thing

Feasting upon my heart, my soul

This thing 

That I know of but can’t purge

This thing 

Called love(d)

The Faded Body

The lover watched,

as the lifeless body hung,

upside down and fading into a deep,

dark, dull red


It used to be full of life,

imbued with a love greater than

itself, perhaps a burden too much

for it to bear


And one might argue,

that the presence remains,

even if the life is fading away,

dripping downwards to

a sea of red


Maybe you write to beautify the world

but I write to bare my soul

as it is

as it is


Maybe that’s beautiful too

Light peeks

The light that peeks through my curtains


at the end of its day routine

faint and gentle

Its golden light forming a line

on the wall we used to

see the same sunset,


it will never be the same

ever again


Pixel Love

This sadness is a dot in our lives

As a pixel would be in an image

Nothing but a mere passingļ¼Œ

of a point in our long life


A moment we might recall in years to come

But we live in the moment

And a moment can be amplified

Engulfing our very selves


As a pixel would fill the screen

If we zoomed in enough


This moment

that I live in,

It hurts


I guess my concern

could be your poison


My love

could be your fear


And my absence…

could be your solace