Wide eyed

Our eyes met

never mind the fact that the moon have no eyes,

so to speak


Yet I know we were staring into each other

and at least I was lost in its eyes, wide eyed

tracing the depths of its sorrow and beauty,

and all the unspeakable pasts endured thus far


I stood there frozen, amongst the others at

this intersection, the traffic busy and the people anxious

for the green, seemingly unaware of the blossoming

moon looming above us


Perhaps it was tracing my life’s story as well,

as memories drifted from the horizons to the mind’s shore

this stretched moment was abruptly interrupted by the

little green man and its agreeable folks rushing to meet each other


And I too, joined the others


Perhaps in place of you

I’ve found the guitar, not the same, not as lovely

but it’s the only thing i love now

each sustained note i pluck, a sustained cry out for you

It’s lovely curve a substitute for the warmth of your body,

I hug in place of you—and gently caress its strings,

up and down along its neck,

from E to e, as I would do to your hair

It’s not the same, but it’s the only thing that

distracts me from the pain now

Eyes II

My eyes searched yours

for the poem that should have been

but I see a future that is yesterday

and the many nights long past




你我之間 已經沒任何瓜葛

曾經的曾經 也只是過眼雲煙

留下的 只有我 和我的執著

對此我不會有任何恨 也不會做任何傻事

但 妳要












Somethings loop—

like the numbers that make up a year

one to three hundred and sixty five

the days and months and year

looping while civilisation hangs on a thread

but eternity is unnatural,

a human construct

a longing


dream dream dream

It has become so frequent that maybe it’s my way

of reconnecting back to you, albeit one that is not grounded

in reality


I’ve asked if they were dreams,

and each time I wanted to believe your words

that they aren’t

and each time i wake up to find you gone


Have you dreamt of me

and were we ever connected in it

Did you tell me that it was not a dream

because it was just a dream?


My body is free but crippled


entrapped in your absence,

my mind retreated,

homeless, my heart wandered

searching for the way back

with no way in sight


like a cripple