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I lie

Believing that maybe it is ok to let us fade into oblivion I thought to myself that it hurts less now, probably But I lie to myself and I know almost too obviously that it would not be   You will be that eternal fragment of regret, lodging itself in the deep recess of my […]

Let me hear you

Door Open Door Close   Feets Shuffling Whispering words   The unseen informed by the sound of the door responds with their little sounds   But really, all I want is to hear you behind this great unknown   Door Open Door Close  


You know It felt better when I was sick The pain, the longing and this tight feeling in my chest The heart that aches every now and then They stopped   My body knows that priority had to be given to healing and not for sorrow So it decided to stop administering drugs for sadness   […]

A million times

  If I called out to you a million times Would you turn to look at me once? The distance between us grows As I try to call your name a million times A million times, a million steps Each step a stab in my heart Each time a piece of me gone I wonder […]