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  Someone once said that to live is to die and that if we brace ourselves to die, we might live again   Another said that to love I must learn to let go so that we might love again   It sounds counter intuitive But i’m starting to see the grand flow of life so eloquently described […]


I guess there are many lonely and sad souls out here writing. People whom I follow and read, as an after thought, are all hurt and lonely in some ways. After all, we are all attracted to one another,across lands and cultures, in an attempt to heal ourselves collectively. 


Is it true that two emotionally close people are linked by telepathy? When one can’t stop thinking of the other, the same goes for the other? Well, I can’t stop thinking of you and I’m losing sleep. My chest in knots and fluttering. The question is, are you still close to me? Or are you […]


我买一把刀 我们可以共用 如果你不爱我了 我就杀掉你 如果我不爱你了 你就杀掉我 by Ren Hang Rest in Peace Ren Hang   Translation : I’ll buy a knife That we can both share If you stop loving me I will kill you If you stop loving me Then you can kill me


我好想你 在每一天的一天當中 無時無刻都在思念著你 雖然 你都沒在想我吧 又或者是在思念和迷茫之間 徘徊著 但我真的好想你 想看著你說話的樣子 想看著妳吃東西幸福的樣子 想看你開我玩笑的樣子 但畢竟這只是我的一廂情願 現實總是把我推的遠遠的 我只能活在想你的空間裡

Make you feel my love

  I would do anything to make you feel my love If only anything works, I would travel to the ends of the world for you, for your love, for my love   Ane Brun – Make you feel my love When the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on […]

On Writing

I’ve been shamelessly pouring out in this blog, not knowing anything about poems or poetry But it was my way of survival, to keep my sanity in check, to provide an opening in my heart, so that the emotions and doubts welling up would not go unchecked So it came as a surprise that people […]