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Your Name

I wish I knew your name, so I can whisper to you in my dreams, or write you letters in heaven, where I know you are I wish I knew your name, so that you will be more than an abstraction, and that you will exist in the world beyond that fleeting moment I wish […]


I’m beginning to forget that forgetting once seemed impossible, but forgetting has its limits   Some moments break out of our control, gaining its own will These moments we shared, so magical, so intense, comes and goes

Beautifully sad

Why do we often find beauty in sadness? Do we find humanity amid all the pain and suffering? Does it remind us that we feel, that we are mere mortals with flesh and blood? Perhaps it is a way of saying that “hey it’s ok”, we don’t have to be strong all the time.


I created a playlist for her and for me, and I would add any song that I thought would fit into the idea of a better tomorrow. So I looked at it again today, and decided that I would rearrange them into a music poem, albeit a very fragmented one. So here it is and an […]


月圓月缺 心碎心缺 曲終人散   Translation : The moon waxes and wanes The heart breaks and chips The last song the last dance (probably not the best translation)

It’s so ridiculous

“It’s so ridiculous”. I thought, as tears came flowing out while I was having dinner alone.   Watching some lame ass kungfu drama in an attempt to distract myself, I started crying out of the blues. It was a funny scene, and i’m not sure what to make of it.   I tried to continue […]

Algorithm for Heart Break

1. Vomit text, as much as you can. Poems, thoughts, curses, heartbreaking nonsense, whatever. 2. Write a song based on the impressive selection of text. 3. Sing the heart breaking song 4. If you feel better, stop. Else go back to 1.