Category: Free Verse

Your Name

I wish I knew your name, so I can whisper to you in my dreams, or write you letters in heaven, where I know you are I wish I knew your name, so that you will be more than an abstraction, and that you will exist in the world beyond that fleeting moment I wish […]


My happiness is tied to your love Are they not ? The inability to smile inside The impossibility Of you by my side Surely there are ties I guess the question is How long they stretch Before they finally snap


I’m beginning to forget that forgetting once seemed impossible, but forgetting has its limits   Some moments break out of our control, gaining its own will These moments we shared, so magical, so intense, comes and goes

42 folds to reach you

I wrote a letter to let you know how the year went by and the events that unfolded, leading me back to you   You are far away, amongst the stars and eternal nights Beautiful and pure You tend to hide, with one side in the dark but alas, we see you still   I wish […]


Just like that You had me trapped in a timeless loop with a smile and your loving gaze with nowhere to exit and no will to exit