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Missed Calls

Missed calls after an eternity of absence Were you drunk and let your guard down?   I will never know as that moment silently crept passed me while I was asleep from crying out for you   For now I will be content to know that you missed me enough to call and I was […]

Of Dreams

If I could live a dream, I will dream a dream of dreams of days and nights, and unknown states of the sky, of you and only you     Maybe, or maybe not, for that would mean forsaking you in reality  

I had a bizarre dream

I had a bizarre dream of you It wasn’t even you, but it had to be you I loved you in the dream, the same love in reality, even though you, were nothing like you You were a baby, you were a middle school kid You were constantly lost, Or rather I kept losing sight […]

Waiting for someone

I miss the feeling of waiting for someone whom I know will return That must be the sweetest feeling ever   I am waiting still but for someone who will never be

I want somebody

You asked me once, What I want in a partner I probably fumbled on that,  Nervously answering while  desperately trying to impress you I’ve been thinking and they’ve been Nothing but simple, no matter how  many times I iterate my thoughts I want somebody I can call, when life seems a tad too unfriendly, and […]

The perfect picture 

The pieces of what once used to be a perfect picture peeled, carried away by the gentle breeze we loved, little by little, unraveling a lesser image, ugly even   I still see you and I, but on opposite ends of the frame, separated by an ocean of nothingness I can try to swim to […]

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You gave it back to me

You gave me back my clothes along with the love that I gave You had to do it yourself so that it will end and the full stop will come to be   Well, at least for you What about me? I have no choice but to return yours too But not your love my dear Never   […]

Love is a cancerous cell

I still miss you Is it going to heal Would writing nonstop and annoying all these people help to forget you, to forget the pain, to forget the love no it wouldn’t, for love is ingrained in our DNA it doesn’t matter how long time has passed they lay dormant like cancer cells, waiting for […]