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Your Name

I wish I knew your name, so I can whisper to you in my dreams, or write you letters in heaven, where I know you are I wish I knew your name, so that you will be more than an abstraction, and that you will exist in the world beyond that fleeting moment I wish […]

dream dream dream

It has become so frequent that maybe it’s my way of reconnecting back to you, albeit one that is not grounded in reality   I’ve asked if they were dreams, and each time I wanted to believe your words that they aren’t and each time i wake up to find you gone   Have you […]

What more

Once in a while you get a rude waking from your deep slumber of dreams and your consciousness stands confused and anxious at the intersection between dreams and reality   It feels that way for me and I am still trying to orientate myself between dreams and reality did I wake up from a dream […]

Of Dreams

If I could live a dream, I will dream a dream of dreams of days and nights, and unknown states of the sky, of you and only you     Maybe, or maybe not, for that would mean forsaking you in reality  

Dreams II

I gave you a hug The sensation was so real I could feel my heart And as our skins gently met It is nothing but a dream

Dreams I

You called in the middle of the night Three am sharp, a screen so familiar yet not flashing in the darkness of the night I jumped up to reach for my phone   but it is four thirty in the morning