I created a playlist for her and for me, and I would add any song that I thought would fit into the idea of a better tomorrow. So I looked at it again today, and decided that I would rearrange them into a music poem, albeit a very fragmented one. So here it is and an accompanying playlist.

An ending, a beginning
two of us on the run
hand over hand
Memories of ourselves with each other
same dream
reverse erased
all apologies
dream of you and i

I can almost see you
far away
you’re on my mind
run to the sunset
star roving
by starlight

I sat with you with cigarettes and beer looking at the stars
will you stay here with me
being in love with you
everything i am is yours

believe me
i won’t give up
sit down beside me
make you feel my love
daring to love
won’t leave you
as long as
the sea within

movements of duality
the unbroken line
endless dreamless
there is a light that never goes out

glow worms
how gentle
i like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it
rainy mood
rain sounds under the leaves
the grandeur of a modest moment
whenever it rains, i feel so free

what are we waiting for
it’s a fine day
hello sunshine
rainbow connection

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