Month: May 2017

Missed Calls

Missed calls after an eternity of absence Were you drunk and let your guard down?   I will never know as that moment silently crept passed me while I was asleep from crying out for you   For now I will be content to know that you missed me enough to call and I was […]

Of Dreams

If I could live a dream, I will dream a dream of dreams of days and nights, and unknown states of the sky, of you and only you     Maybe, or maybe not, for that would mean forsaking you in reality  

I had a bizarre dream

I had a bizarre dream of you It wasn’t even you, but it had to be you I loved you in the dream, the same love in reality, even though you, were nothing like you You were a baby, you were a middle school kid You were constantly lost, Or rather I kept losing sight […]

Waiting for someone

I miss the feeling of waiting for someone whom I know will return That must be the sweetest feeling ever   I am waiting still but for someone who will never be

I want somebody

You asked me once, What I want in a partner I probably fumbled on that,  Nervously answering while  desperately trying to impress you I’ve been thinking and they’ve been Nothing but simple, no matter how  many times I iterate my thoughts I want somebody I can call, when life seems a tad too unfriendly, and […]

The perfect picture 

The pieces of what once used to be a perfect picture peeled, carried away by the gentle breeze we loved, little by little, unraveling a lesser image, ugly even   I still see you and I, but on opposite ends of the frame, separated by an ocean of nothingness I can try to swim to […]

Instagram : moon_traces

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Rant : don’t read 

I still don’t understand why you hate me so much. I mean I do, logically. But it is hard for me emotionally to understand why.. I truly loved you with all that I have and treated you the best that I could. I’ve wanted to ask you so many times, but each time I stop […]

You gave it back to me

You gave me back my clothes along with the love that I gave You had to do it yourself so that it will end and the full stop will come to be   Well, at least for you What about me? I have no choice but to return yours too But not your love my dear Never   […]