Month: April 2017

Haiku(s) for you

I wonder if you knew that we are both sleeping on a bed of thorns What are you doing? My love, as I stared at you In my mind once more Will you remember? All the good and not the bad When the storm is over All words stems from you And all poems go to […]

The last of you

The last of you I will never forget   The last of you beautiful, but non-existent or was it I who didn’t   I watched as you killed the last of me gently, tenderly,   erasing my presence with the last of words as I watched   I could only watch as I felt the […]


“You always go for haunting voices”, she said I took a moment, and replied “That’s because it resonates with the ghosts that haunts me”   These songs reminds me that I am alive, because it gives me pain, and these ghosts are still around because I am not yet dead   It’s a paradoxical matter […]

S p a ce ex p a n d s

  S p a c e   e x p a n d s That is the universal rule Just as the big bang is still happen i n g and the universe is still expanding Perhaps the space between You and I are meant to expand for eternity Just as the words I   […]

The Moon and Us

The moonlight shines a light of time long past and the light falls on a love no more I gazed at you, where you had sat but you are no longer there Would it have made a difference if the moonlight fell on me? Would you see me in a different light? If we were never there on […]

Love Motion

It comes and goes like a spoilt brat whose only decision making mechanism is its spontaneity I can never tame it In fact, I can only watch as it ran away for the last time If only it listened Where did it go and will i see its sweet return? I will never know This […]

I miss you(?)

I miss you (?) I wonder if I will forget why I miss you Why did we love? Why did we end? The everyday That day Today I wonder if forgetting is a possibility and impossibility seems likely, yet I find myself asking why I feel the way I do And all that is left […]

The Mirror

  Mirror mirror on the wall Who is this that you see? A man, a lover or a beast? “That is a question for yourself. Do you see projections of yourself from her eyes or yours?” the mirror replied. “I am blinded”, I said, by my love for her and her eyes become mine I […]