Rain drops 

Rain drops

On my head, drumming—

Ta da da  Ta da da  Ta da da –



each beat,

calling out

scenes of life’s movie—

mostly sad ones


As if it knew,

they collectively drown out sounds

of the land, creating a soundscape devoid

of meanings, allowing us to retreat inwards


the rhythmic splatters,

heart beating, feets walking,

breathe in, breathe out,

We become one


you came into mind,

not the longest scene,

but the most important one

you taught me love—

in the truest sense,

and how to love

you taught me pain—

in the deepest way,

through you and me

you gave me poetry—

and i gift them to you

you gave me music—

and I will one day sing

for you with all that you



And the rain falls,

I walk on,

as raindrops fall

on my head


( I sketched this out in my head as I walked in the rain and thought about you and what I would say if you would ever be next to me on a rainy day again. )

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