Month: March 2017

A Million Times

I ran out to shout for you And I wonder if I called out your name a million times Would you feel my thoughts of you Would that bring us closer   If I called out for you a million times Would you turn around for once? If a flap of the butterfly could cause a tornado […]

When Night Falls

When night falls The walls of defenses weakens and vulnerability sets in The world is reduced to the boundaries  Of my bed, your presence grows  Each night you conquer the fortress I trued so hard to defend But I know it is all for naught


  Someone once said that to live is to die and that if we brace ourselves to die, we might live again   Another said that to love I must learn to let go so that we might love again   It sounds counter intuitive But i’m starting to see the grand flow of life so eloquently described […]

I know it’s over

    I know it’s over but still I cling I don’t know where else I can go Over…and over….   – The smiths, covered by Jeff Buckley   I’ve been looping this song over and over Each time slicing into my heart reminding me that it’s over reminding that i have no one to return […]


Doubts rage across  my mind and heart In search of the elusive answer That only time can reveal Staring hard into the space  Of nothingness I try To find something that simply  Isn’t there, yet I search Not knowing what else to do But I can’t do nothing For giving up is death

Forgive and Forget

It just occured to me that if I was forgiven The final reason why she still remembers me would be gone   If forgiving me means to forget me Should I be forgiven at all? If being forgiven erases the final traces of our time spent together Then let me be guilty all my life


I would walk on this path of thorns and move forward with nothing but grit and my love for you   They say it takes 21 days to break a habit That habit would be you But it has been 57 days and the habit holds strong   You underestimate my love And your place in my […]

What I would give

I would give my life for a final moment with you like the day we first locked lips and sealed a moment in time   Just like the blooming of the Epiphyllum whose life was meant for that moment The beginning and the end of beauty forever etched in time and space