Forgive and Forget

It just occured to me that if I was forgiven

The final reason why she still remembers me

would be gone


If forgiving me means to forget me

Should I be forgiven at all?

If being forgiven erases the final traces

of our time spent together

Then let me be guilty all my life

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      • Lira March 18, 2017

        You’re so very welcome. But feeling this way isn’t that good, so I hope we both heal somehow, haha. Choosing between being forgotten or hated is hard when it comes to the person you love. I’ve brought up these complicated feelings before in some of my poems, so I totally get you.

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      • Tsuki san March 18, 2017

        I understand and i hope it is but a fleeting moment. But it is complicated and a complex feeling so i’m still sorting them out myself. And so i write. I’m sure you do that too.


      • Lira March 18, 2017

        Oh boy, I’ve been in this situation for MONTHS! At least six months, if I’m not miscalculating. I’m a great procrastinator sometimes. I do hope you get things off your chest and feel absolutely better in a (hopefully) near future.

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