Month: March 2017

It’s so ridiculous

“It’s so ridiculous”. I thought, as tears came flowing out while I was having dinner alone.   Watching some lame ass kungfu drama in an attempt to distract myself, I started crying out of the blues. It was a funny scene, and i’m not sure what to make of it.   I tried to continue […]

Dreams II

I gave you a hug The sensation was so real I could feel my heart And as our skins gently met It is nothing but a dream

Sound wave

I traverse within the realms of -1 and 1   At times slow and at times fast, in a matter of microseconds   Crossing the borders that separates heaven and hell sorrow and happiness and the calm nothingness   All just so that I can reach you With the words that make up  “I love you”

The Great Wall

I know you are there Behind this great wall with no door beyond   So near the sweet smell beckons But with no means of entry I run, with full speed crashing at the wall In desperation   Bloodied and broken Still gazing beyond the wall I braced myself for one last run


I put on my headphones and took out my glasses I hide my senses so I would not see or hear you if we ever cross paths   Senseless but not unfeeling I hide from the external reality that hunts for me  

Algorithm for Heart Break

1. Vomit text, as much as you can. Poems, thoughts, curses, heartbreaking nonsense, whatever. 2. Write a song based on the impressive selection of text. 3. Sing the heart breaking song 4. If you feel better, stop. Else go back to 1.