Month: February 2017

Your Screen

I type and I untype when you appear green   I wonder what’s up Are you talking to someone Or surfing randomly The wild imagination   When you go offline I lament at the lack of your presence A digital one is better than none after all   Oh what I would give to be in your […]

Make you feel my love

  I would do anything to make you feel my love If only anything works, I would travel to the ends of the world for you, for your love, for my love   Ane Brun – Make you feel my love When the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on […]

Stages of a broken heart

I. Thrust violently in the sea I thrashed around blindly Searching for a beacon of light to what is happening Confused and scared I continue hoping to rise up to the surface   II. Exhausted I wonder if this is it if this is the last and go into a state of panic thinking of all that i’ve […]

On Writing

I’ve been shamelessly pouring out in this blog, not knowing anything about poems or poetry But it was my way of survival, to keep my sanity in check, to provide an opening in my heart, so that the emotions and doubts welling up would not go unchecked So it came as a surprise that people […]

How Cruel

Life is such a joke And the joke’s on me now   How could you Why did I   The unexpected The seemingly impossible   It was as if life was trying to make a point to me That it could all be and that life is unfair   How cruel is this?

Let me hear you

Door Open Door Close   Feets Shuffling Whispering words   The unseen informed by the sound of the door responds with their little sounds   But really, all I want is to hear you behind this great unknown   Door Open Door Close  

When you feel nothing at all

And here I am shouting, to you with all my heart and soul with tears accumulating at the corners My voice, it trembles to the core of my soul But the distance between us remains the same And you turn and walk away

This Morning

Today I woke up early as usual And as my consciousness started taking over from the subconscious I started thinking of you   As I checked our chat window out of habit, an unbearable wave of  sadness surged through my body And I started crying cause… I realised it was just me talking now…..

I give you my heart

I give you my heart in its entirety, soul included, naked, defenseless, honest, sincere It is surely vulnerable   Yes Over the years, i’ve hurt and learnt my heart, with layers upon layers of dark carbon protecting it, forming a hard shell of formidable hardness   But We forget that carbon, in its high density […]