Beautifully sad

Why do we often find beauty in sadness?

Do we find humanity amid all the pain and suffering?

Does it remind us that we feel,

that we are mere mortals with flesh and blood?

Perhaps it is a way of saying that

“hey it’s ok”,

we don’t have to be strong all the time.

I wish you would get drunk

I wish you would get drunk


that’s the only time when

your guard seems to be down

and be open to the idea of me


I can at least hear from you,


and know how you truly feel,

though it will be gone

like the alcohol in

your blood


Or maybe you would come raging at me

Kick me, slap me, cut me,

or at least scream at me

Come what may

but silence


I thought I would be ok

I thought I would be ok

As I typed in our chat window

Once so intimate,

now distant
But as seconds ticked away

The pain slowly found its way in my heart

And the seconds filled my heart

Non reply became her reply

You are not perfect

You are not perfect

The world is full of

hotter, prettier, cuter



But your eyes smile —

so gently,

when they look at mine


Some days, they sing a sad tune,

when our eyes meet,

after sharing stories untold


And your smile shines

on me like midnight’s sun,

unraveling the darkness in me

with a brilliant orange hue


You are not perfect

but neither am I


You are everything

and everything is you


The streets,

the couple’s loving gaze,

delicious food,

new possibilities,

old memories,

the music that never ends,

the smell that refuses to go away

from my bed,

the night,

my dreams,

the moon,

the bus,

my guitar,

your songs,

the whiskey we last drank,

my face, you kissed,

my hand, on yours,

our lips, once locked,

still locked,

in memories,




All the traces of you

in my head,

and all that

you’ve touched


You, you, you

the world is possessed by you

I am but one of them

I miss you

And I miss you

these words are perhaps

one of the most profound combination

ever, along with the ranks of i love you

But for today,

I miss you


I miss you not knowing why,

or how


surely I know why,

but articulation has lost its meaning

and clarity has lost its bearings


And yet another night,

I wish you goodnight,

all by myself