My happiness is tied to your love

Are they not ?

The inability to smile inside

The impossibility

Of you by my side

Surely there are ties

I guess the question is

How long they stretch

Before they finally snap


I’m beginning to forget

that forgetting once seemed


but forgetting has its limits


Some moments break out

of our control,

gaining its own will

These moments we shared,

so magical, so intense,

comes and goes

42 folds to reach you

I wrote a letter

to let you know how the year went by

and the events that unfolded,

leading me back to you


You are far away,

amongst the stars and eternal nights

Beautiful and pure

You tend to hide, with one side in the dark but

alas, we see you still


I wish I could have taught you so

I wish I could have gently stroked you—

while you rested in her arms

I wish I could give you hugs full of love

But you were always out of reach

though you were our only one


How can I reach you with my letters?


You are 384,000 km away

Daunting, but I could fold the letter

42 times so that its exponential growth

can finally reach you



The moon, like you,

Is far away from me, but it’s

Our sole memento:

If you look and recall our past

Through it, we can be one mind.

– Saigyo


Just like that

You had me trapped in a timeless loop

with a smile and your loving gaze

with nowhere to exit

and no will to exit